Coliving Semkovo

Join us in creating the premier rural coliving destination, tailored for the future of remote work.

Nestled in the tranquil mountains of Bulgaria,
our 225-unit nomad utopia thrives on






A unique adult-only 200-unit coliving destination in a remote location in Bulgaria based on






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Our Vision for Coliving Semkovo

Bulgaria, with its vast and underutilized stock of historic buildings, offers a unique opportunity for the future of remote work. Recognizing this, we're turning an expansive 16,700 m2+ communist-era hotel building into a state-of-the-art coliving space - like a business park beyond office space. Specially designed for the the future of remote work and digital nomads. Nestled in serene natural surroundings of the Rila mountains, this isn't just a workspace—it's a leading coliving community like no other.
From startups to digital nomads, our space cultivates collaboration, community, and growth. Imagine a place where nature meets business, where innovation thrives, and where everyone, from entrepreneurs to nomads, comes together to build the future.

Experience the structure and grasp our ambitious vision: to craft one of the world's premier rural coliving hubs - a true utopia for digital nomads and remote companies!

yes, it's big
like a small village
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Spacious and Iconic Shared Spaces

Large communal areas to enjoy life together once work is done, including a pool, communal kitchens, movie room and many boardgames.
Open workspaces to inspire and be creative.
Be productive and choose different areas depending on the mood.
Versatile Event Spaces: From Intimate Seminars to Large Conferences of 250+ Attendees.
Iconic architecture and over 8000m2 of shared coliving areas create an exciting experience.

Experience Semkovo

Mountain Biking
Dance Classes
Winter Sports
Mountain Activities

We are creating a coliving experience that brings together a community of innovators, dreamers, and change makers, providing them with an amazing environment to live and grow.

Our distraction-free community for adults allows us to focus on the needs and interests of our members, providing a tailored and enjoyable experience. This also eliminates distractions and disruptions that can come with having children.

With 200 units, our community has the size and scale to offer a wide range of experiences and activities for our residents. Whether you're looking for someone to share a meal with, explore the local area, or work on a project.

Semkovo is a destination in itself, offering a wide range of outdoor activities in the nearby mountains as well as a range of indoor amenities and facilities for a unique and memorable experience to enjoy.

Our remote location creates a close-knit community where residents can form deep connections and focus on building strong relationships. This creates a unique and rewarding living experience and work environment.

Being part of the Coliving Semkovo community means you share a common interest and can build social and professional connections with others from diverse backgrounds and locations.

Our community of 250+ people can achieve ambitious goals together and create a vibrant and active community. Our size allows us to be innovative and effective together.

Our building provides a platform to pursue their interests and contribute to the community. We plan to partner with local businesses for amenities and events.


Where is Semkovo?

Located a mere 20-minute drive from Belitza, Semkovo is in nature and close to everything.
Belitza, a small town with a population of around 3,500 people, famous for its Bear Sanctuary. Belitza offers a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, hotels, doctors, a train station, and a bus stop. This makes it easy for residents of Coliving Semkovo to access the services and conveniences of a town, while still enjoying the benefits of living in a remote and beautiful resort location.

Other places are a short drive away:
40-50 minutes to Bansko (ski town)
2:30 hours to Sofia (airport & capital)
3 hours to Plovdiv (2nd biggest city)
3 hours to Kavala (beach town in Greece)

As the roads are improved, these trips will become shorter in the future.

Insights from the luminaries of coliving

We talked to many coliving insiders to get their feedback about our project.

The Weather in Semkovo

Our Building - Angelov Peak - Musala Peak - Birds of Semkovo